Amazed by guitar hero Randy Rhoads, Stefano Viana takes up the guitar at age of 16, when the glorious 80's Hard Rock was at its highest splendor. Influenced by artists like Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Ozzy Osbourne and Y&T, Stefano starts recording his first songs in 1996, fascinated by recording process techniques. He produces two unreleased Cds and, during the realization of the latter, he meets Alessandro Del Vecchio, asking him to manage and participate in the production of his first official solo album. Its creation starts in 2009: Del Vecchio writes the lyrics, singing and recording them; the other session musicians are chosen among the best ones on the Italian scene: Anna Portalupi on bass, Alessandro Mori on drums, Gabriele Gozzi on backing vocals and Pasquale India on keyboards.

CD - Viana - 2017


Daniel Gazzoli Project is a solo project born from the idea of guitarist/songwriter Daniel Gazzoli. Strongly linked to the 80's sound, Daniel brings forth a Hard Rock debut album with Heavy Metal influences and touches of Blues and Melodic Rock. The album line-up features Leonardo F. Guillan (lead vocals), already known in the rock scene for a previous live collaboration with Soul Seller, Luca Ferarresi (drums), member of melodic rock band Perfect View, and Luca Zannoni (keyboards). The album was recorded at Music Inside Studio (Rovereto Sulla Secchia, Modena, Italy), mixed and mastered by renowned producer Davide Rossi at Crazy For Sound Studio in San Giovanni Lupatoto (Verona, Italy).

CD - Night Hunter- 2016


With a big impact on the melodic rock scene during 2010 thanks to a stellar cast with more than 30 renowned guests from the melodic rock circles, this AOR all-star project (created by the artistic partnership between fellow Italian drummer/songwriter Pierpaolo "Zorro" Monti and bass-player Amos Monti) is now re-released on a brand new limited collectors' edition (printed in only 500 copies) with renewed cover artwork (made by Antonella Astori) and the addition of one bonus track, not included in the original version. Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio (Revolution Saints, Hardline, Edge Of Forever) and mixed/mastered by Michael Voss (Casanova, Mad Max, Voices Of Rock) in his Kidroom Studios in Germany, Shining Line's debut album represented a fundamental step in the artistic career of Pierpaolo "Zorro" Monti, that would become in the years to come a key point for other welcome projects just like Charming Grace and Room Experience, not to mention the newly announced international band Rantimes, with a release date expected in 2017 via Frontiers Music SRL.

CD - SHINING LINE (new version) - 2016


The rock band Alchemy rises from the ashes of Marcello Spera (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) and Cristiano Stefana's (lead guitar) past musical experiences, joined after some time by Luca Cortesi (drums), Matteo Castelli (bass) and Andrew Trabelsi (keyboards and guitar). The band records its first EP, “Rise Again” in April 2013, and the live shows then begin. They take part and win “Bovezzo Let's Rock” contest, gaining the possibility to play on the important stage of "Rock Party" festival. From then on, the live activity continues constantly, until the great occasion on March 14th 2014, when they opened for Don Airey (Deep Purple) and Headless (with Goran Edman, former singer of Yngwie Malmsteen). In May 2014 Alchemy are awarded the first prize in “Castello Rock” contest, organized by Atomic Stuff. Winning the contest enables them to record new material, and to release their second EP, “D.A.R.E.D.”, containing live and new demo tracks. From March until May 2015 they take part to “Battle Of Bands Onstage”, a contest organized in the outskirts of Padova, winning the second prize and receiving very positive feedback from the jury members, Pino Scotto among them. As the live activity goes on in Lombardia, Veneto and Trentino, Alchemy finish the recording sessions for their debut album and signs with Street Symphonies Records.

CD - Never Too Late - 2016


John Dallas aka Luca Stanzani was born in Bologna, Italy. He starts playing acoustic guitar and singing when he's 15, fostering his passion for hard rock music thanks to famous bands (Queen, AC/DC, Guns 'N Roses, Van Halen) and 70's rock legends (The Doors, Deep Purple). His musical evolution takes place on the road, jamming with well-known musicians of the Bologna-based underground scene. In 1988, as singer in a band, he meets Federico Albertazzi, a very skilled eclectic guitarist strongly influenced by hard rock music. This is his artistic turning point: Luca understands American rock is the path to follow. Luca's younger brother, Andrea, joins in on drums and, together with a new keyboardist, the band kicks off a local tour under the moniker Presidio. In 2000, the band becomes Afterlife: the sound is influenced by Dokken, but with a strong personal touch. The first original songs are featured in the demos Check Mate (2001) and Deep Eyes (2003). The moniker changes again in Red Burn: Luca chooses another guitarist, Alessandro, who however comes into conflict with Federico; after a successful Live CD, Federico leaves the band. Alessandro introduces to the remaining members some new tracks, that mix perfectly Van Halen, Satriani, Slash, Angus and Blackmore. With the new bass player Daniele the band starts over, playing live from 2004 to 2008. In 2008 the band enters the recording studio and the first self-produced album sees the light when the band breaks up again due to constant tensions. After years of silence, in 2013 Luca and Andrea end up jamming with some friends, composing several songs that are too good to waste. Luca enters the Boat Studio in Calderara (Bologna, Italy) and records the master John Dallas - “Wild Life”, sounding like 90's Bon Jovi and Van Halen, then inks a deal with label Street Symphonies Records and starts playing live gigs as John Dallas. This time, Luca holds the project in his hands: the album is recorded with some friends who, due to personal reasons, don't join the band. For the live acts, Luca recruits the best musicians he knows: his brother Andrea aka Andrew (Speed Stroke) on drums; Matteo Carbo Carboni aka Black Sam Carbo (Red Burn) on bass and the virtuous Mauro Minelli aka Tom Angeles (White Stars, High Gain) on guitar.

CD - Wild Life - 2015


Highway Dream was formed in Cremona, Italy, in 2008. With a 5 members line-up, now reduced to 4, they've published their first ep, containing 4 original songs plus Scorpions's “Rock You Like A Hurricane” cover and called “Born To Be...” in 2009. After 5 years spent improving their songwriting and live skills playing a lot of gigs in Northern Italy, in June 2014 Highway Dream inked a deal with Street Symphonies Records to publish their debut album “Wonderful Race”, recorded, mixed and mastered by Oscar Burato at Atomic Stuff Studios (Isorella, Brescia, Italy).

CD - Wonderful Race - 2014


Party Animals project was founded in March 2012 with the idea of performing live gigs, playing songs of the greatest hard rock/glam bands of the 80’s and offering a distinctive energetic show on stage. In a short time, the newly-formed band from Udine realizes to have good ideas to compose its own songs, so in winter 2011 the four rockers are ready to enter the recording studio. From this time, after some initial line-up changes, the quartet officially introduces itself as follows: Sabrina (vocals), Max (guitars), Ile (drums) and Gian (bass). In March 2012, they release their first 6-tracks EP called "Rock'n'Roll", receiving a very positive feedback from the public and allowing them to begin a long series of concerts and to participate successfully in several musical contests. In September 2012, the band ends the mini-tour in Los Angeles presenting its album with two important gigs at the famous "Whiskey A Go Go" and "Rainbow Bar and Grill" on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. They also had the opportunity to perform locally with bands of national and international importance, including Bad Bones and Elvenking from Italy, the historic hair metal band Tuff (from Los Angeles) and Lost Angels (American super-group formed by members of bands such as historical Cinderella, Alice Cooper, Slash’s Snakepit and White Lion). In February 2013, however, another change in the line-up occurs: singer Sabrina leaves the band, so the remaining three members decide to look for a new singer, engaging in the meantime with writing new songs in the studio. In a short time they meet Andre (directly from the well-known metal band Ravenouse) and in May 2013 she officially becomes the new frontwoman of Party Animals. With an increasingly large and warm public, the band enters in the recording studio to record its debut album and in March 2014 signs for Street Symphonies Records.

CD - Light A Fan Cool - 2014


Eyes 'N' Lips were born in summer 2011, but the early project dates back to February 2009, to the random encounter between drummer Vik and lead guitarist Gypsy. The two musicians, united by the passion for Los Angeles-style hard rock, decide to form a band; recruiting the missing members among friends and acquaintances, they create Snipers. The band, however, has a troubled life, so Vik and Gypsy decide to start over. They write new songs and start looking for "the right people". The search is long ad tiring, but our heroes hold up and the wait pays them back: they meet Donnie, a stray rhythmic guitarist with undisputed hard rock manners who, attracted by their crazy destructive attitude, joins the band. Fortune smiles again upon the embryo of future Eyes 'N' Lips: Swiff, a frantic bass player with a funky/punk soul, joins in. It takes several months, but the meeting with Brazilian singer Mr. Skorpion turns out to be crucial: his merely hard rock voice (and his ability to open beer bottles with a ring!) seduces the four musicians and he finally joins the band. Permanently changed the band name into Eyes 'N' Lips, the five rockers commit themselves to compose new songs for their first EP and to perform their music. The band plays in several venues, including Blue Rose Saloon (Bresso, Milan, Italy) as opening act for Adam Bomb and the Theatre (Rozzano, Milan) supporting L.A. Guns. In 2013, the band inks a deal with Street Symphonies Records to record its debut "Pornstar For President" at Atomic Stuff Studio (Isorella, Brescia, Italy) under Oscar Burato's supervision: the album is scheduled for release in April 2014.

CD - Pornstar For President - 2014


Bastardogs project was conceived by Andy (lead guitar), Bonne (rhythm guitar/vocals) and Atta (drums), who have been trying for two years to create a band with serious stuff to work on. During summer 2010 the band tries to find a definitive line-up: after a disastrous 4-piece team, the three founders opt for a trio, thinking “Why not? Motörhead can do that!”. After another tragic experience, the guys find in Jack (bass) the solution to their problems and, after a few rehearsals with the new bass player, the band enters the studio to record the first three songs for the demo: “The Pit”, “Reality” and “Bad Dogs”. Influenced by 80's sleaze and by famous personalities such as Blackie Lawless and Nikki Sixx, Bastardogs want to celebrate the music from the 80's, that was so important for several modern bands. Between September 2011 and January 2012, Nik replaces Jack on bass and Dario takes over on drums. Later on, the new bass player Cosme replaces Nik and Atta is back on drums. With this line-up, the Dogs go to France supporting Sister at Dead Nation Fest and, in July 2013, record their debut album "No Pain No Gain"; the pursuit of a label ends soon with a deal inked for Street Symphonies Records.

CD - NO PAIN, NO GAIN - 2013


Saturday Overdose was born simply as Overdose in 2007 in Acqui Terme (Alessandria, Italy) from the idea of four school and raiding mates: Bosko Dirty Hack/Enrico Boschiazzo (vocals), Serve The Weedz/Andrea Servetti (guitar), Pana Doctor Gonzo/Andrea Panaro (bass) and Machine Gun Kocks/Filippo Galli (drums). After some unsuccessful performances playing covers at school parties, in 2008 the band split. In 2009, the four friends join their enthusiasm and get back on track, writing their first original song. The moniker becomes Saturday Overdose and it well represents their 80's- inspired, "party-loving" sound. After several gigs, the band's skills and songwriting are stepped up and the first demo is released. The band carries on the tour and, in the beginning of 2013, records the EP "Eat My Dust!" at Federico Pennazzato's Authoma Studios (Hell In The Club, Secret Sphere). This work features five tracks that perfectly combine 80's-inspired hard rock and modern atmospheres, creating a unique infectious sound, a catchy explosion of melody, and a couple of extremely classy ballads. In March 2013, Micio/Mattia Harris Clarke Marenda and his rhythm guitar turn Saturday Overdose into a five-members band; the pursuit of a label ends soon with a deal inked for Street Symphonies Records. "Eat My Dust!" is scheduled for release in summer.

CD EP - EAT MY DUST! - 2013


Seventh Veil was born in the summer of 2011 from the ashes of LastRide, an hard rock band from Verona. At the beginning of 2012 the band (Steven, Jack, Holly, Jeff and Joe) recorded its first EP titled "Nasty Skin", followed by months of intense promotional activity and lots of reviews form around the world. After replacing Joe with Eric Roxx behind the drums, the band never stopped composing and, helped by its frequent gigs at local venues (and the first foreign experience in Greece), refined its songwriting skills. Before the end of the year they inked a deal with Street Symphonies Records and entered the Atomic Stuff Recording Studio in Isorella (BS), Italy, to record their debut album "White Trash Attitude". During the recording sessions, Eric mysteriously disappeared, leaving the band without a drummer. After months of researches and temporary replacements, Eric suddenly reappeared to re-join the band, leaving all his personal demons behind, just in time for the summer gigs around Italy and a couple of festivals in Czech Republic and France.



A four-piece outfit Stone Orange comes from Ljubljana, Slovenia. They play hard rock with melodic touches of the eighties but with modern and fresh production. Their music could be defined as a cross between mainstream rock and harder edged guitar driven sound, bordering to metal. The band was formed in 2003 and the first stable line up was: Marko Erjavec (vocal, guitar), Tomo Jurca (guitar) Andrej Obranovic (drums) and Davorin Kovacic. Because of an extensive touring in their homeland, many media appearances and a series of videos, it took the band four years to record its debut album, which was released in 2007. While promoting the record, the band went through several line-up changes and additions, experimenting also with a keyboard player, but decided to remain a four-piece. The sessions for the new album started in 2011, soon after which new drummer Vid Zgonc joined the band. The album titled "The Dreamcatcher" was produced by the renowned Slovenian producer Dejan Radicevic, and is also the band's first record entirely in English. A video for the first single "Nobody Cares" has been released late in 2012 to promote the new album, scheduled to hit the shelves and download platforms in April 2013. Although the band's influences lie mainly in the heroic age of hard rock, their goal is not to dwell on the past, but to paraphrase and reinvent the best aspects of that era, putting the melody and power back in the music. As the band commented in a recent interview: »The global rock scene still hasn't completely recovered from the blow of the complaining and depressive chords of the nineties, so we're trying to spread the sweet smell of rock n' roll as much as possible. So in a nutshell it could be said that we are still waiting for the next revolution, because it's been darn too long since the last one.«



John Gält is an alcohol-driven, four-piece band from Kharkiv, Ukraine, formed in summer 2010 that plays good old hard rock heavily influenced by modern swedish glam/sleaze and a little bit of punk. Taking their name from a famous book, Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged", John Gält debuted on October 2011 with the 3 tracks EP "First Run" who gained the favor of both critics and fans, and attracted the interest of italian glam/hard rock label Street Symphonies Records. "I discovered John Gält by chance, while reading a review by an American webzine during my usual promotion activity for the label's bands" says Stefano Gottardi from Street Symphonies. "The reviewer thought the band was from Scandinavia because of its great English pronunciation and attitude, and he was really surprised when he found out it was an Ukrainian band; at that point I was so curious that I checked out myself on its website and I was very impressed by what I listened to: this band seemed Scandinavian FOR REAL! Also my partner Oscar Burato listened to this band, and it was a short step from the first contacts with the band to the final contract. We immediately got along with John Gält, the guys understood perfectly our goal: we wanted to show the world this new glam/sleaze reality in all its splendor!"ält

CD - SERVED HOT - 2013


Easy Trigger project was born in 2009, intending to play rock covers. After some changes, the band found its balance with a five-members line-up. A period of live acts followed, but only with the new singer Easy Trigger reached the definitive line-up. From that moment, Easy Trigger started to compose new songs, and in March 2011 its first five-tracks EP, influenced by 80's hard rock and sleaze rock, appeared. Since then, Easy Trigger played several times in the Veneto region, taking part to some contests like Veneto Rock, that they won, and ranking 3rd at Vicenza Rock contest, gaining also special prizes for best guitar player, best drummer and best song ("Apologise"). The first full-length album “Bullshit” saw the light of the day on December 10th, 2012, via Street Symphonies Records, with national distribution by Andromeda Distribuzioni and promotion by Atomic Stuff. After the release of “911” videoclip, in 2013 the band welcomed the new bass player Vale, who made his debut during the concert in Padova as opening act for Faster Pussycat. 2014 is characterized by new line-up changes, with Zekimmortal (vocals), Roby Rubinho (guitar) and Fabio "Pane" Ferrari (drums), who played in Raw Power for 8 years, joining the band. With the new members on board, the band performed the last gig of its “Bullshit Tour” at Hollywood Rodeo (Leipzig, Germany) on December 27th, 2014. After a long time spent in the rehearsal room composing stuff for the new album, in 2016 Easy Trigger announced a new singer, Nico, renewed the contract with Street Symphonies and entered the recording studio to realize its sophomore album “Ways Of Perseverance”.

CD - BULLSHIT - 2012


Born as a "One-Night-Only Band" in the middle of 2005 , The Unripes is a modern rock band from Modena (northern Italy). "Writing for several rock webzines and magazines and knowing the underground scene, I perfectly remember The Unripes' first demo "Gutter Superstars", released in 2007" says Stefano Gottardi who, along with Oscar Burato, founded the label Street Symphonies Records. "At that time, only the current singer and guitar player were part of the band, they were very young but their potential was undeniable. I couldn't imagine that, in a few years, they would mature and create a brand new music genre, the Sleaze-Core!". This "One Night-only Band" is still alive and those kids, after so many crazy stories, are now releasing their debut album with a renewed line-up including original members Axia and Mike "Mike P." Pelillo, and new enters Uncle Sappa (Midnite Sun, Sutuana) and Sevens (a.k.a. Luca Setti from Trick Or Treat).



Pure energy. This is the peculiarity that marks The Black Rain, one of the most promising bands of the current Italian rock scene. The band was born in Bologna in 2002, but had to wait until 2010 to attain its final line-up. Since their very first meeting Mirko (voice), Eugenio (guitar), Marco (bass) and Raffaele (drums) created a synergy that takes shape through songs that combine rushes of adrenaline with easy listening melodic lines. Powerful rhythmics, distorted guitars and a unique voice. This combination, together with a strong scenic presence, quickly seduced a large audience that now supports the band at each one of its concerts. Due to this success, in 2011 The Black Rain decided to focus on composing new songs to be included in its debut album "Night Tales" , recorded between September 2011 and February 2012 and mixed by Luca Bignardi, winner of 3 Grammy Awards. The first extract from the album is "Won't Let Go", promoted by a music video on YouTube. The dates of the promotional tour across Italy and Europe will be announced soon. If you attend one of the band's concerts remember this: "No one should get out without his dose of ROCK!!!"



During the new year's eve of 2005 two guys, Mikki and Cioxxx, were in Scotland spending five days in Glasgow and Inverness partying and drinking all the time. One night, completely drunk, they started to ask themself: "Why don't we found a rock 'n' roll band? We could call it Television 60's! It could be pretty cool!". Ten minute later Cioxxx recovered trapped between a nasty american girl's open legs while Mikki found himself walking through unknown streets, wearing nothing but a white t-shirt. When they came back to Italy they started rehearsIing, Mikki on bass and Cioxxx on drums. Their idea was to play with only these two instruments. However, when they wrote their first song, "Drug Saves", they realized that sound needed something: a crazy energetic guitar. So they asked Frizz to join them and soon it was clear that, with his rock 'n' roll attitude, he was the right guy. They needed also a singer and so they began to rehearse with a metal singer called Fega. They wrote about ten songs characterized by lyrics about drugs, girls and fun because rock' n' roll must describe the positive, silly and beautiful sense of life and not the world's horror. They did't care about nothing but having fun. After a few months they decided to search a new singer because Fega's voice was too high, too metal for rock 'n' roll. So they fired him and began to rehearse with another singer called Sanfi. At first he seemed the right guy but very soon it was clear he wasn't the most suitable singer. So they kicked his ass and they discovered the solution was already inside the band. Mikki began to sing showing the right voice-attitude for the sound they needed. The first declaration of the band was: "We are young, fucked up and worshiped for it. Words like consequences, responsability, morality and self-control don't apply to us 'cause we are Television 60's and Toxic Vampires never die..."



FUEL FROM HELL got together in 1998 with the intention to play good old, loud as fuck rock n' roll. A first recording ("The Superfaka E.P." –now sold out) came out in 2001; many gigs later, the band hooked up with producers Lorenzo Gavinelli and David Sion and began working on new songs for an upcoming release. In February 2007 it's time for the debut album entitled "Fill You Up With Five Star Gasoline" on Go Down recs. This release is preceeded by the new single "Vampira" featuring the title track, another single-exclusive track and the professional videoclip for Vampira. FUEL FROM HELL also took part to a Motley Crue's Tribute Album, released in June 2007 by American label Versailles Records, with the song "All In The Name Of..." along with others big rockin' acts. In 2007 FUEL FROM HELL also supported the Italian Tour of L.A.Guns and started their own "Cavana Nights Tour" playing more gigs in Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Finland. Our five favorite rockers were also featured on many TV's and Radios and the "Vampira" videoclip was in rotation on MTV Europe, Voice TV (Finland), Getrocked (Italy), Rocknation (USA), In Orbita (Slovenia/Italy). In 2009, with a new killer line-up, FFH played some gigs supporting the rock legend ADAM BOMB and recorded some new songs for other American Compilations. Under the production of Riccardo Asquini FFH have recorded their new upcoming album at Saojo Studio in Udine and started as well the new year supporting NASHVILLE PUSSY in Slovenia, so they hope to see all of you soon on the road to kick your ass with their fiery live show!



The band starts out in 1988 thanks to a project created by Luchy Chiva (guitar), Bely (bass) and Dynamite XXX (drums); then they are joined by Elia (vocals). The demo-tape “Like an Empty Bottle” (1994) and the cd “Fashion, Milk and Smokin’ Pills” (1996), recorded with this line-up, let them gain a widespread success both in Italy and abroad; the band has also been included in the american compilation “It’s only Rock’n’Roll but I like it” which includes bands like Vain, Hollywood Teasze and Paradise Alley (1996). During these years The Jolly Power have been followed by a growing number of fans, thanks to the insulting live shows which have brought them to a tour of the north and the centre of Italy and to take part of The 69 Eyes’ tour on December, 1997. At the beginning of 1998 Elia leaves the band due to personal reasons and they spend a whole year looking for someone to replace him until Bely decides to become the leading voice. A new guitarist, Sergy Boy, who perfectly suits the new sound direction of the band, joins them and with this new line up they record “The 7th Crash From Hell” (2000) under Boundless Records label. After numerous concerts and after taking part in the Metallic KO compilation playing Deuce (Kiss), the band comes back to the studio to work on a new album “Taste The Blood Of The Sonic Revolution” released in 2004 under Red Room Records label. After many concerts made in Italy and in the foreign countries to promote the cd, the band decides to stop and rest for a while. On February, 2007 the band returns to the studio with Elia (vocals) and Alex (bass) at Lucky Chiva and Dynamite XXX’s side. They record three previously unreleased tracks, dating back to 1994/96, included in the cd version of “Like An Empty Bottle” which is going to be released in a few months. The 2006 reunion lead up to the making of some concerts and to the production of three new songs that, actually, belong to the period between “Like An Empty Bottle” and “Fashion, Milk and Smokin’ Pills” . In 2009 Elia left the band once more, still looking for a singer who could be the missing piece.



The members of Pompei Nights met at Swedenrock Festival 2008 and immediately hit it off. They decided that they wanted to form a band, with the same goal and influences it was a perfect match. The band was founded in 2009 in Sweden. Rehearsing as often as possible and all with the ambinition to do nothing but to live rock n' roll. Pompei Nights represents a new wave of Swedish rock n' roll. They are working their asses off everyday to make progress with the band. So expect to see a lot of Pompei Nights in the future, because you will! And it doesn't matter if the guys have chosen Martin Sweet (Crashdïet)'s studio to record some of the songs (the other has been recorded by the band in their own personal studio), because Rather Die Than Living In Boundaries is neither the nth Scandinavian new glam record after Rest In Sleaze, nor a gauche attempt to copy the American hair metal from the mid 80s, but it's a record that sounds fresh, inspired and keeps up with the times. Of course there's no lack of bandanas, make-up and hair in the wind for these five guys from Stockholm, but rock n' roll is branded on their skin and pulses in their veins and those ten songs will show it to you...



Rock band Vietcong Pornsürfers (VCPS) comes from the city of Falun in Sweden, comprised of Tom K, W. Affe, Rackarn and Teddy, all old enough to serve prison time. So far, more than 70 concerts have been completed, ranging from festivals to pubs / clubs. They've supported Babylon Bombs, Vains of Jenna and Sister Sin and were at one occasion, at Pub Anchor in Stockholm, threatened to death if not delivering more encores...! Besides Sweden, VCPS has played several other European countries and the band is currently planning an Eurpean tour.A bunch of Vietcong Pornsürfers budget recordings has plagued the world via MySpace, YouTube, fanzines and local radio stations, from northern Sweden to Sarajevo and Rio de Janeiro. The first track of their latest album "Restless, young, hungry and free" (Released 5/11 2010) was played at Swedens biggest radiostation P3 Rock, 2 weeks before the release. Check out the album on Spotify, iTunes, eMusic and numerous other music sites. VCPS has a dedicated fan base, solidly convinced of their quality and potential. Vietcong Pornsürfers is NOT your urine-reeking stereotype punk band that show up way too late in a shot up vehicle, kills 7 anti-state tracks, vomits on stage and thrashes the backstage area. On the other hand, they might very well be the long lost link between great punk and f**king awesome rock n' roll. VCPS are the revoltingly cute, impossibly charming music lads that will have you irritated, pissed off yet impressed - somehow you'll be delighted to introduce them to your daughters! In a nutshell: The four northern Scandinavian boys delivers furious, energetic rock n' roll, oozing of teen hormones. Experiencing Vietcong Pornsürfers live has been described "like having a dirty boot kick you in the groin" - an event giving some sadistic pleasure while some squirm in pain. VCPS know what they want and couldn't care less about what it takes. Time, life, health, sweat, blood? They'll do it anyway, really well.



Sange:Main:Machine was officially born as a band in september/october 2010, from an idea of Tarchon Fist former singer, Sange (Luigi Sangermano). An out-and-out line-up consolidates in fact only after the end of the recordings of what is going to be the band's debut album. Sange’s intention is not only to make use of excellent musicians but most of all of old music-mates. So at the guitars we find Fabrizio "PinkMariachi" Gangemi, who already was with Sange (drummer at that moment) 15 years ago as the rock/blues guitarist in Discordia, and Lucio Martelli, guitarist in Tarchon Fist in 2005-2007; at the bass guitar there is Tiziano DeSiati (Muppet Suicide, Black Madonna), another long standing "music-mate". Behind the drums we initially have Luca Gomedi (ex-Basic Dreams and main-man in HDL Studios) replaced later by Beppe Montuori, drummer in Franco Nipoti’s (Crying Steel) Black Dogs. The album "Ready For The Show" contains 11 tracks (plus an intro) of punchy hursh heavy-rock, but melodic at the same time; written ten years ago by Sange and re-recorded it is now ready to be published and presents itself as a portrait of our world bringing ideally the memories of a life in a kind of rock-trip towards a parallel solar system where other creatures study ourselves and try to understand what determines the actions of a human being, for better or for worse.

EP - BY YOUR SIDE - 2012


It started as a twisted dream back in summer 2007, when Johnny Rainbow (vocals) & Joey London (bass) sick of all the bullshit around, decided to start a rock 'n' roll band to kick some asses. They met Acey Starlight (guitar) and Ico (drums), and the twisted dream has become reality. They wrote some stuff and immediately the band started to play in some live shows. Their first 3 tracks demo was released in november 2007 and their popularity immediately started to grow gigs by gigs, and their fans and supporters multiplied. One night, in a live show at the Blue N Joy club in Rome, some cops came out and stopped the band’s performance... the cops said: "You are too loud!!!" Isn't it rock n roll?!! In 2008 the band won a competition organized by web site in order to record a full length album. In summer 2008 Skull Daze had some line up changes: a new drummer The President and one more guitarist Danny Slade. This new line-up brought the sound the band was looking for: more powerful, outlined but at the same time dark and very personal. EP “Dangertainment” containing 4 tracks was released in October 2008 and immediately went sold out. Intense live performances continues all over the first half of 2009 along with usual troubles with venues and local police. The band then entered the famous Outer Sound Studios in Rome run by Giuseppe Orlando from Novembre to record their debut full length self-titled album “Skull Daze”.

CD - SKULL DAZE - 2010



If glam metal is ever going to make a Second Coming then bad-boy gutter punks Peep Show will be the new Messiahs. Hailing from the unlikely rock'n'roll Riviera of Livingston, this snake-hipped, skinny-ribbed band of cock rock reprobates are kicking over the traces of dreary suburbia and injecting a high-octane shot of flamboyance and glitz into the flabby backside of a dreary music scene, putting the studs into Scotland's central belt.
Long time buddies Johnny Gunn and Rusty Gill decided to form a band that would deliver raw energy, glamour and danger to a rock scene that otherwise had left them falling asleep. It was time to make a stand...And now, after a series of line-up changes and auditions and an exodus to Edinburgh, the rock'n'roll monster that is Peep Show is unleashed.

Introducing Johnny Gunn (Vocals) Rusty Gill (Guitar) Kennii Black (Bass) and Charlie Deville (Drums): the pouting poster bad-boys of the 21st century glam rock revolution. With their aggressive, adrenaline-charged, glittering glam attack, they're the band that Towers of London want to be, a bullet in the head to mundane mainstream mush, exuding a raw authenticity that reaches beyond the poodle-permed posing of the '80s to channel the self-destructive rebel spirits of the New York Dolls and The Stooges.

CD - OUT OF BLOOD - 2009


The project "THE UPPER CLASS BASTARDS" was born in June 2005 from an idea of CHARLOTTE S., combining under this label a rock band formed by:

DARIO ORLANDO (electric guitar solo)
PEDRO (drums).
DANILO BAR (electric guitar)
CHARLOTTE S. (voice)

After recording the first promo-cd, "Crash Test", PEDRO has been replaced by MR.GEE.
Unfortunately because of the recruitment of two members of the band, PAUL is currently busy with Adam Bomb tours in Europe, and DANILO with White Skull, there is a further change in the line-up.
The band started to look for new components, and meanwhile decides to continue with only four elements, recruiting MATT R.S., a bass-player imported from Glasgow.
In June 2007 LUCA SPAGNUOLO (electric guitar) joins the UPPER CLASS. Because some job problems of MATT R.S. in 2009, the band hired the last "bastard" ALESSANDRO SPAGNUOLO (bass guitar).




Killer Klown start their career in August 2005 with the aim to create the best Street-Modern-Rock band in the World. The band, founded by drummer “Andy K” (previously in Dirty Dogz) and guitarist “Diablo” (former member of Arthemis & Power Quest) has been completed by the entry of their crazy bass player “Nicoch” (famous session-man) and the wildest singer-frontman on Earth “Gabriel”.Killer Klown are currently playin’ burning live shows and have just finished the recording sessions of their new album titled “GAIN”.The full-lenght album has been recorded and mixed at “Remaster Studio” in Vicenza (ITA) and mastered at Thin Ice Studios in London - Surrey (UK) and contains 11 killer songs…
No compromises, no make-up, no rules, no mercy, just a great Rock’n’Roll explosion in your face!



Johnny is already incandescent when Manuel and Elvis revolt against the constraints and prejudices of their small town near Imola and move towards building something new that will be a smack in the face of hypocritic rules and appearances. The flames blare out in the moment when Roby files through the ruined rows, and throwing fuel on a newborn Johnny, lights a fire destined to grow. The heat grows as Dany throws himself into the flaming mix, and Niko unleashes all of his power into the energetic bomb beginning to develop, setting his spark.
The explosion implicates a large part of the Imola region, which begins to dance to a rhythm long forgotten. In winter 2005 Johnny and his demo of five covers light up clubs, leaving literal traces, an act which begins to forge an ever-growing following that catalyzes the attention of the “anti-inflammable” audience.

Summer 2007 witnessed the first album of the boy in flames gather oxygen and yet, before the reaction could occur, Elvis takes his foot off the gas while a loaded Cesko piles it on, bringing behind the lines as much oil as he can carry in his pants.
Before the album had even exploded, and without even the smallest signal of alarm by the promoters, the walls of all the bars and clubs on the street that joins Imola and Bologna vibrate from the echoes of the chorus from a Saturday night with Johnny Burning.







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