Alchemy: first video online!

Italian hard rockers Alchemy published the new video for the song “End Of The Line” taken from their debut album “Never Too Late”, scheduled for release on May 31st, 2016. The video was filmed by Michele Tonoli at Circolo Colony in their hometown Brescia, Italy, where a 'release party' for “Never Too Late” will be held on June 04th. The band will perform a second 'release party' the night after in Milan at Legend Club.

Alchemy to release “Never Too Late” on May 31st, 2016

Never Too Late”, the debut album of italian hard rock band Alchemy, will be published on May 31st, 2016. “We may say that "Never Too Late" is a dynamic hard rock album with AOR and progressive influences, heavily based on solid drums and bass, catchy guitar riffs and powerful vocals, all glued together by orchestral strings and synths, but this is not what it really means to us” - says singer Marcello Spera - “To us, “Never Too Late” is an album which tells you a story. The story of our past, of songs that were conceived almost a decade ago and were never born until now, of how we met, of the first rehearsals, of the sleepless nights spent on the arrangements, of the sleepless nights spent getting wasted, of the amazing live shows we played together, of friendship and love. It is the proof to ourselves that we must never give up on our dreams, because it is never too late to get them real”.


1. The Place Men Call Hell
2. Diablo
3. Alcohol Symphony
4. Never Too Late
5. Blessed Path
6. End Of The Line
7. Rise Again
8. Get Out
9. My Way Home

Street Symphonies Records presents ALCHEMY

Street Symphonies Records is pleased to announce that Alchemy inked a deal to release its debut album "Never Too Late". The rock band Alchemy rises from the ashes of Marcello Spera (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) and Cristiano Stefana's (lead guitar) past musical experiences, joined after some time by Luca Cortesi (drums), Matteo Castelli (bass) and Andrew Trabelsi (keyboards and guitar). The band records its first EP, “Rise Again” in April 2013, and the live shows then begin. They take part and win “Bovezzo Let's Rock” contest, gaining the possibility to play on the important stage of "Rock Party" festival. From then on, the live activity continues constantly, until the great occasion on March 14th 2014, when they opened for Don Airey (Deep Purple) and Headless (with Goran Edman, former singer of Yngwie Malmsteen). In May 2014 Alchemy are awarded the first prize in “Castello Rock” contest, organized by Atomic Stuff. Winning the contest enables them to record new material, and to release their second EP, “D.A.R.E.D.”, containing live and new demo tracks. From March until May 2015 they take part to “Battle Of Bands Onstage”, a contest organized in the outskirts of Padova, winning the second prize and receiving very positive feedback from the jury members, Pino Scotto among them. As the live activity goes on in Lombardia, Veneto and Trentino, Alchemy finish the recording sessions for their debut album, which will be released in late spring 2016 and produced by Street Symphonies Records.

John Dallas, full song posted
online and gigs announced

John Dallas has uploaded one song from its debut album "Wild Life", due to come out on October 06th . "Heaven Is" is available for streaming on our YouTube channel:


The album has been recorded at Boat Studio (Calderara, Bologna, Italy) and mastered by Roberto Priori at PriStudio (San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna, Italy). The band will promote it during several concerts, here are the first gigs announced:

09/19 Parma @ Circolo Giovane Italia
09/20 Ozzano (BO) @ Festa de l'Unità
10/02 S. Lazzaro di Savena (BO) @ Bar Da Morso
10/24 S. Lazzaro di Savena (BO) @ Lab_End

“Wild Life”, the debut album of italian hard rock singer John Dallas, will be published on October 6th, 2015. Contributing to the Bologna-based music scene for over 10 years, John Dallas is greatly influenced by Guns N' Roses, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Queensrÿche, Hardcore Superstar and H.E.A.T. The moniker comes from the fusion of Jon Bon Jovi and Dallas, the popular 80's TV series. After some time off, Luca composes in a few months 9 catchy, high-impact and fast songs, immediately recorded at Boat Studio (Calderara, Bologna, Italy) and then mastered by Roberto Priori at PriStudio (San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna, Italy). Compared with his previous projects, more glam rock-oriented, this work features a modern sound, with heavy guitars and short solos that every listener can enjoy; also his singing technique is more mature.

Track List:

1. Under Control
2. Heaven Is
3. Falling
4. Wild Life
5. Dreamin' On
6. Electric
7. Freedom
8. Psycho Game
9. Love's Fake

John Dallas signs with
Street Symphonies Records

John Dallas inked a deal with Street Symphonies Records to publish his debut album “Wild Life”, scheduled for an early Fall release.


John Dallas aka Luca Stanzani was born in Bologna, Italy. He starts playing acoustic guitar and singing when he's 15, fostering his passion for hard rock music thanks to famous bands (Queen, AC/DC, Guns 'N Roses, Van Halen) and 70's rock legends (The Doors, Deep Purple). His musical evolution takes place on the road, jamming with well-known musicians of the Bologna-based underground scene. In 1988, as singer in a band, he meets Federico Albertazzi, a very skilled eclectic guitarist strongly influenced by hard rock music. This is his artistic turning point: Luca understands American rock is the path to follow. Luca's younger brother, Andrea, joins in on drums and, together with a new keyboardist, the band kicks off a local tour under the moniker Presidio. In 2000, the band becomes Afterlife: the sound is influenced by Dokken, but with a strong personal touch. The first original songs are featured in the demos Check Mate (2001) and Deep Eyes (2003). The moniker changes again in Red Burn: Luca chooses another guitarist, Alessandro, who however comes into conflict with Federico; after a successful Live CD, Federico leaves the band. Alessandro introduces to the remaining members some new tracks, that mix perfectly Van Halen, Satriani, Slash, Angus and Blackmore. With the new bass player Daniele the band starts over, playing live from 2004 to 2008. In 2008 the band enters the recording studio and the first self-produced album sees the light when the band breaks up again due to constant tensions. After years of silence, in 2013 Luca and Andrea end up jamming with some friends, composing several songs that are too good to waste. Luca enters the Boat Studio in Calderara (Bologna, Italy) and records the master John Dallas – Wild Life, sounding like 90's Bon Jovi and Van Halen, then inks a deal with label Street Symphonies Records and starts playing live gigs as John Dallas. This time, Luca holds the project in his hands: the album is recorded with some friends who, due to personal reasons, don't join the band. For the live acts, Luca recruits the best musicians he knows: his brother Andrea aka Andrew (Speed Stroke) on drums; Matteo Carbo Carboni aka Black Sam Carbo (Red Burn) on bass and the virtuous Mauro Minelli aka Tom Angels (White Stars, High Gain) on guitar.

Easy Trigger: two line-up changes, former Raw Power member to join the band

Ex Raw Power drummer Fabio “Pane” Ferrari and guitarist Roby Rubinho (Molotov Cocktail, Frastuono Urbano) are the two new members of Easy Trigger.

The line-up is now as follows:

Zekimmortal - vocals
Caste - guitar
Roby Rubinho - guitar
Vale - bass
Pane - drums

The Verona-based band performed the last gig of its “Bullshit Tour” at Hollywood Rodeo (Leipzig, Germany) on December 27th, 2014; in the next months the band will enter the studio to work on the second album.

updates from the band

Great news from Sange:Main:Machine: the Bologna-based band announces the new drummer Diego Molina, which will play for the first time at Chattanooga (Bologna, Italy) on December 20th and at Colony Club (Brescia, Italy) on December 27th as part of the benefit concert Out Of The Darkness Metal Fest. The new line-up of Sange:Main:Machine is then as follows:

Luigi "Sange" Sangermano - Vocals, Guitar
Fabrizio "PinkMariachi" Gangemi - Guitar
Tiziano DeSiati - Bass
Diego Molina - Drums

A new single, called "I Know", will be released soon. The single will be available via iTunes and all major digital channels.

A message from The Unripes

Hello Everyone, it's with a lot of sadness that we announce that THE UNRIPES is disbanded. We decided to end our journey after 10 years of great Rock 'n' Roll because of some reasons mostly connected to the more and more decadent italian rock scene that is bringing our lives somewhere else. We would like to thank Oscar and Stefano from Street Symphonies for believing in this band, all the webzines around the world that wrote such amazing words to describe our debut album: “This Is Not America”, all the bands which shared the stage with us and everyone who supported the band...THANK YOU! But we want to "say goodbye" givin' you some bad-ass Sleaze-Core once again, and we are waiting for you Sunday, December 7th at the Borderline Club in Modena for our Last -Unforgettable-Show! C ya there! \m/

Easy Trigger to announce new singer

Italian hard rock band Easy Trigger is pleased to announce the arrival of new frontman Zekimmortal. Involved in the rock scene for twenty years with Maelström, Lokomotiv Human Propellent and Gen Marrone, Zek and the rest of the band are working on a new full-length, after the debut album "Bullshit" released on December 10th 2012.

Highway Dream:
full song and trailer posted online

“Wonderful Race”, the first full-length album by Italian hard rock band Highway Dream, will be released on September 23rd 2014. A promotional trailer for the album, that was recorded, mixed and mastered by Oscar Burato at Atomic Stuff Studio (Isorella, Brescia, Italy), is available here:

Highway Dream:
"Wonderful Race" out in September!

“Wonderful Race”, the first full-length album by Italian hard rock band Highway Dream, will be released on September 23rd 2014; this work was recorded at Atomic Stuff Studio by Oscar Burato

The track list is:

01. Unbelievable
02. Don't Let You Die
03. Highway Dream
04. Many Reasons
05. Let Me Be Your Breath
06. Wonderful Race
07. Like An Earthquake
08. Falling Down
09. Some Stars
10. Born To Be A Rockstar


Isabella "Isa" Gorni - Lead Vocals
Roberto "Roby" Zoppi - Guitar
Gabriele "Gheghe" Frosi - Bass
Massimo "Max" Agliardi - Drums

Highway Dream is a band of rockers, a band of dreamers… their music is hard as a rock, remembering the best songs of '80s american rock, mixed with a touch of aor, fantasy and Italian style! The combination of Isa's amazing voice, Roby's sleaze guitar, Gheghe's strong bass and Max's explosive drums is the perfect mix for a great band and great live shows! “Wonderful Race” is full of heavy guitars, skillful vocals and consistently catchy songwriting and every song has the word fun written over it... all that is needed to enjoy a rock'n'roll album on a frequent basis! Hard hitting tracks like the opening song “Unbelieveable” or “Fallin' Down” and riff strong rockers with stunning melodies and wonderful harmony vocals like “Don't Let You Die”, “Many Reasons”, “Wonderful Race” and “Like An Earthquake” will make you want more and more! And the two “softer”, radio friendly “Let Me Be Your Breath” and “Some Stars...” will show you the romantic side of the band. The rest of the album proves worthwhile and deserving: “Wonderful Race” is eclectic, none of the songs really sounds like the next, but together they work very well. You just have to sit down, pump up the volume and let Highway Dream bring you into this 'wonderful race'...

Highway Dream sign with Street Symphonies Records

Hard rockers Highway Dream inked a deal with Street Symphonies Records to publish their debut album “Wonderful Race”, recorded by Oscar Burato at Atomic Stuff Studios (Isorella, Brescia, Italy).

Highway Dream is a band of rockers, a band of dreamers… their music is hard as a rock, remembering the best songs of '80s american rock, mixed with fantasy and Italian style! The of Isabella's amazing voice, Roberto's sleaze guitar, Gabriele's strong bass and Massimo's explosive drums are the perfect mix for a great band and great live shows!


Isabella Gorni: vocals
Roberto Zoppi: guitar
Gabriele Frosi: bass
Massimo Agliardi: drums

Party Animals, debut album out in May!

Hard rockers Party Animals are ready to publish their debut album "Light A Fan Cool", that will be released on May 6th under Street Symphonies Records and distributed by Andromeda. The album was recorded by Riccardo Asquini at Saojo Studios (Reana Del Royale, Udine, Italy).

A promotional trailer is available here:

"Light A Fan Cool" is a wordplay based on the similarity with an expression from the band’s hometown (Udine) that means “Fuck off!”. The monicker includes all the fundamentals of rock and roll in its most colorful, pompous and sinful form from the 80’s: endless parties, uncontrolled fun, wild sex and alcohol galore. The spokesperson of this provocative lustful scenario is a girl, Andre, whose personality and attitude aren’t second to her male colleagues’ ones. Ten songs of scorching hard rock’n’roll in which Mötley Crüe’s raids, W.A.S.P madness and AC/DC most classic atmospheres relive!

Track list:

01. Fuck You Baby
02. Damned Road *
03. Set Me Free
04. A New Day
05. I Wanna Get It All
06. Hellfire
07. Lace And Spurs
08. Whiskey Sour
09. Party Animals
10. Light A Fan Cool **

Party Animals are:

Andre - lead vocals
Max - guitar
Gian - bass
Ile - drums

Party Animals sign with
Street Symphonies Records

80's hard rockers Party Animals have inked a deal with Street Symphonies Records for the release of their debut album “Light A Fan Cool”, scheduled for late Spring 2014.

Party Animals are:

Andre - lead vocals
Max - guitar
Gian - bass
Ile - drums


Eyes'N' Lips unveil artwork for debut album "Pornstar For President"

Eyes 'N' Lips have unveiled the artwork for their debut album: “Pornstar For President” will be released on April 29th, 2014. The cd will be distributed by Andromeda Dischi.



The track listing is as follows:

1. Jack And Daniel
2. Fuckin' Obsessive
3. Pornstar For President
4. Soldier Of Love
5. With You
6. Bring Me To Your Paradise
7. Come Away, Come Away With Me
8. Desire And Curiosity
9. Rock Your Love
10. Day After Day

Eyes'N' Lips are:

Mr. Skorpion - vocals
Gypsy - guitar
Swiff - bass, backing vocals
Vik - drums, backing vocals


Soraya sign for Street Symphonies

Turin-based melodic hard rock band Soraya inked a deal with Street Symphonies Records to release their debut album "No Turning Back", whose recording process will begin in late February at Atomic Stuff Recording Studio (Isorella, Brescia, Italy) under Oscar Burato's supervision.

Soraya are:

Davide Spalla - Vocals
Alessio Saggese - Guitar
Lorenzo Amari - Bass
Daniele Ilardi - Drums

details about “No Pain No Gain”

“No Pain No Gain”, Bastardogs' debut album, will be released on December 17th 2013. The album features ten tracks of old school sleaze metal, inspired by bands such as Wrathchild and Mötley Crüe. “No Pain No Gain” will be distributed by Andromeda Dischi. Here you can listen to the first single, “Bite You Down”.

Track list:

1. N.U.S.U.
2. Sex Machine
3. Last Night
4. Bad Dogs
5. Drinkin' My Brain Off
6. Snakehead
7. Edge Of Youth
8. The Pit
9. Bite You Down
10. Zombietown

Bastardogs are:

Bonne - vocals, rhythm guitar
Andy K. - guitar
Cosme - bass
Atta - drums

Eyes 'N' Lips sign for
Street Symphonies Records

Italian rockers Eyes 'N' Lips inked a deal with Street Symphonies Records to release their debut album "Pornstar For President", whose recording session took place at Atomic Stuff Studio (Isorella, Brescia, Italy) under Oscar Burato's supervision. The album, influenced by the 80's main hair bands (Guns 'N' Roses, Mötley Crüe) and the classic AC/DC-style hard rock, will be published in 2014.

Eyes 'N' Lips are:

Mr. Skorpion - vocals
Gypsy - guitar
Swiff - bass, backing vocals
Vik - drums, backing vocals


Bastardogs sign for
Street Symphonies Records

Bastardogs inked a deal with Street Symphonies Records to release their debut album, "No Pain No Gain"; the album features 10 tracks of old school sleaze metal inspired by great bands such as Wrathchild and early Mötley Crüe. "No Pain No Gain" will be distributed by Andromeda Dischi.

Bastardogs project was conceived by Andy (lead guitar), Bonne (rhythm guitar/vocals) and Atta (drums), who have been trying for two years to create a band with serious stuff to work on. During summer 2010 the band tries to find a definitive line-up: after a disastrous 4-piece team, the three founders opt for a trio, thinking "Why not? Motörhead can do that!". After another tragic experience, the guys find in Jack (bass) the solution to their problems and, after a few rehearsals with the new bass player, the band enters the studio to record the first three songs for the demo: "The Pit", "Reality" and "Bad Dogs". Influenced by 80's sleaze and by famous personalities such as Blackie Lawless and Nikki Sixx, Bastardogs want to celebrate the music from the 80's, that was so important for several modern bands. Between September 2011 and January 2012, Nik replaces Jack on bass and Dario takes over on drums. Later on, the new bass player Cosme replaces Nik and Atta is back on drums. With this line-up, the Dogs go to France supporting Sister at Dead Nation Fest and, in July 2013, record their debut album "No Pain No Gain", scheduled for release on November 2013.

Bastardogs are:

Bonne - vocals/rhythm guitar
Andy - lead guitar
Cosme - bass
Atta - drums













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